What are CompleDents™?

Your Teeth Should Always Be A Reason To Smile

Missing teeth is a common issue that affects more than half of the global adult population. Whether due to aging, trauma or health related issues, replacing your missing teeth should be a top priority to avoid additional complications and health related issues. Dental implants cost a fortune, are extremely invasive and require many visits to the dentist. Whether temporary or permanent, CompleDents are an easy, discreet and affordable way to complete your smile.


Our Solution

With CompleDents you can complete your smile for a fraction of the cost of traditional dental implants, crowns and bridges. Just complete our online assessment, complete our virtual dentist visit and order your at-home impression kit to capture a detailed look at your smile. A board certified dentist is available to offer virtual consultation when needed. Your CompleDents will be made with Valplast, the highest quality denture material, using proprietary 3D printing technology. Perfect fit, durable and beautiful tooth replacement delivered straight to your home. Fast, easy and affordable!

Why CompleDents?

  • Licensed dentists involved throughout the entire process.
  • More affordable than other tooth replacement options.
  • Saves time and money
  • Improved fit (>95% accuracy with no adjustments)
  • Digital printing technology means faster turnaround time.
  • Highest level of comfort and usability.
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage
  • Every restoration is created with the oversight of board certified dentist.
  • Exclusive licensee of Valplast for 3D Printing.
  • Made from genuine Valplast resin. 70 years of clinical history, 300 million prosthetics delivered, safe and effective tooth replacement.
  • Easy, fast and safe
  • Made in the USA

Hello new smile!

CompleDents™, delivered

CompleDents™ uses a unique at-home impression kit to get a detailed look at your smile without the need to visit the dentist’s office. Plus, a board-certified dentist is available every step of the way to offer virtual consultation. Exclusive licensee of Valplast for 3D Printing.

Multiple tooth replacement

Multiple tooth replacement


Flexible partials made with Valplast for any number of missing teeth on both the left and right sides of your mouth. Gentle, flexible clasps are designed to flex around your natural teeth to hold the appliance in place.

Single tooth

Single tooth replacement

CompleDents Lite

A Valplast removable bridge designed to replace 1-3 missing teeth adjacent to one another on one side of your mouth. Lightweight, comfortable and above all, beautiful!


Exclusive dental care products


To keep your CompleDents™ looking and feeling like new we offer a wide variety of patient care products in our convenient online store.


Digital Valplast®

The classic restoration meets modern CAD/CAM technology.

The 3D printing technology for Valplast partials and appliances was developed by our exclusive manufacturing partner, and CompleDents™ are 100% made in the USA. Using proprietary additive manufacturing and post processing technologies, the same classic Valplast that has been enjoyed for decades is now available in a convenient, easy to use digital format from the comfort of your own home.

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