What are my tooth replacement options if I am only missing some teeth?

For people who are only missing some teeth, CompleDents are a great option that looks natural, requires no surgery, and requires no metal in your mouth. Tooth replacement options like implants or fixed bridges are invasive and expensive.

CompleDents offers a comfortable tooth replacement option that costs less and is stronger than other alternatives. Best of all, you can get CompleDents without ever leaving home by using our unique at-home impression kit.

What are CompleDents?

CompleDents are a removable tooth replacement option. Scans of your mouth are used to create a CompleDents restoration that looks natural and fits to the contours of your mouth. They are 3D printed from strong and flexible nylon and acrylic materials.

What is the difference between CompleDents and dental implants?

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option to replace missing teeth. While they are a good solution to the problem of missing teeth, implants are the most expensive and most invasive of all the tooth replacement options. Many people can either not afford dental implants, or do not want to undergo surgery.

CompleDents are a more affordable and less invasive tooth replacement option. These removable appliances are a great option for anyone missing one or more teeth. They involve no surgery, no metal in your mouth, and provide a very natural-looking tooth replacement solution.

CompleDents also work great for patients who want a cosmetic and comfortable temporary solution while undergoing surgery for dental implants. Ask us how CompleDents can be used as a transitional appliance for when implants have been placed and you are waiting to receive your final crowns.

How much do CompleDents cost?

Conventional partial dentures range from $1,200 to over $2,000 when offered through a visit to a traditional dental office. Our CompleDents are offered at a fraction the cost of traditional restorations, ranging from $549 to replace 1-3 adjacent teeth up to $799 to replace teeth on both sides of the arch. Complete our online assessment for detailed pricing and to determine if you are a candidate for CompleDents.

Can you eat with a flexible partial denture?

Yes! CompleDents can be worn while eating, drinking, or just living life.

Are flexible partial dentures comfortable?

Not only are CompleDents comfortable, they are way more comfortable than other removable tooth replacement options. Appliances with metal clasps don’t move naturally with your mouth and can even weaken natural teeth over time. Because of our high-tech 3D printing process, CompleDents can be created with greater precision than other dentures. That means better fitting teeth sent straight to your door!

Do flexible partial dentures look natural?

Yes! CompleDents can help you get your smile back. Our flexible partial dentures look great for you to feel confident about smiling again.

How do I make a great impression with my at-home kit?

Check out our video instructions or follow this guide on making a great impression.

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