30-day money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

We are so confident in our product that every CompleDents includes an unparalleled lifetime guarantee against breakage* and 30 day money back guarantee, giving you peace of mind when choosing a tooth replacement option.

CompleDents Is The Best Solution For A Perfect Smile

  • All Valplast appliances come with an unconditional lifetime warranty against breakage and fracture of the denture base (the pink plastic part). If it breaks, cracks, fractures, we replace it with another one free of charge.
  • All appliances come with a one year guarantee for general workmanship issues (teeth falling out or breaking, not satisfied with quality, fit, etc). We make a new one or full refund.
  • Options for extended coverage:
    • Extend basic coverage for an additional 4 years - $149. Covers general workmanship issues for 4 years beyond the one year guarantee that is included with the appliance
    • Premium coverage for 5 years - $299. Covers the cost of a new appliance for a 5 year period including damage due to neglect (dog chewed it, ran over with car, etc) or loss of the appliance

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